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Youth Programs

Our target population is high-school-aged youth but we work with youth of any age. We offer one-time trips as well as a more formalized Outdoor Leadership Program where students can earn certifications over the course 8 weeks to put towards educational or career goals. Programs include guided hikes, outdoor rock climbing, camping/backpacking, team-building, and Wilderness First Aid/CPR Certification.

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Rock Climbing

-3 to 6 hour sessions

-9 to 24 participants (must weigh over 35 lbs)

-All equipment included (helmets, harness, shoes)

-McDowell Mountains, Superstition Wilderness Area

-Queen Creek available for 7th grade and up

-Granite Dells, Prescott

-Ask about family trips!

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One-Time Adventures:

Mighty Boots Outdoor Leadership Certification:


Goals: Our goal is to offer an affordable outdoor leadership program to underserved youth. Over the course of 7-8 trips, a cohort of youth will earn a Mighty Boots Outdoor Leadership Program Certificate of Completion, their CPR and Wilderness First Aid Certifications, and the skills to put towards their future college or career goals. Our program runs trips locally so that participants can have replicable experiences in nature. We want youth to develop confidence in accessing their local outdoor space for the rest of their lives. We supply all materials for free (backpacks, tents, sleeping bags, and climbing gear). 

To build leadership and confidence through outdoor adventures. 
Develop knowledge and skills for outdoor activities through field experience. 
Obtain CPR/Wilderness First Aid Certifications. 
Develop Leave No Trace Skills and Ethics.
Develop communication and cooperative learning skills through the planning of a camping program. 
Develop social-emotional skills including self-esteem, self-awareness, self-management, social awareness/responsibility, and responsible decision making. 

Program Outline: 

I. Easy Day Hike: 4 Hours. 

II. Team Building Program. 

III. Moderate Day Hike: 4 Hours. 

IV. Wilderness First Aid/CPR Certification. 2 Days, 16-18 Hours. 

V. Outdoor Rock Climbing. 6 Hours. 


VI. Strenuous Hike. 6 Hours. 

VII. Overnight Camping Adventure.


*Staff are certified Wilderness First Responders. All staff are fingerprinted and/or background checked. Transportation is not provided. 

Hiking: Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced hikes available. These adventures focus on learning about the Sonoran Desert and local ecology as well as gaining confidence in accessing local nature spaces and disconnecting from technology. 

Cost: Full price $25 per person. Reduced-cost price $5 per person. Full scholarships available. 

Rock Climbing: Introductory rock climbing experience focused on developing confidence. This is a great opportunity for team building and social-emotional development. All gear is provided. 

Cost: Full price $100 per person. Reduced-cost price $25 per person. Full scholarships available. 

Camping: One night front country camping trip. This trip focuses on developing leadership and gives opportunities for experiential learning. This is a great chance to get youth to disconnect. All gear and food is provided. 

Cost: Full price $125 per person. Reduced-cost price $50 per person. Full scholarships available. 

Backpacking: Overnight back country trips available. Please contact us directly so we can develop the trip that meets your needs. 

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